outwestcreep asked:
where the mixtape?

right here https://soundcloud.com/e1s-official-music

wvv1f asked:
Yo man just listened through a few of your songs, pretty sweet. Do you produce all these beats too or?

Thanks man naw i don’t bro

heaven1024 asked:
Where are y'all from


samanthaademayo asked:
What's your favorite thing to rap about ?

My favorite thing to rap about is Life and everything in it…..

stayd0pee asked:
Dope music. Keep it coming 🌸

Thank You Love just Look out for my New shit and My Ep Negatives and positives coming soon!!!!!

1999ent asked:
Aye u and Dakota know each other???

OF Course Thats My Brother Basically !!!


Dakota Chris - That come up